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We Want Your Kids to Love Church!

That’s why we are committed to creating safe and fun environments where your children are taught about the Bible and the love of Jesus through relevant, age-appropriate kids services. Our hope is that, no matter their age, your children will learn to love God, help others, do their best, and have fun!

Emerge Toddlers:

Emerge Toddlers is especially created for kids who are starting to move around. With interactive play and lessons, we want to give toddlers their first look at who God is and his love for them. Emerge Kids Toddlers if for children 19 – 36 months.

Emerge Babies:

Looking for someone to care for your newest little one while you attend service? Emerge Babies is for children 6 weeks to 18 months. We encourage parents to bring a diaper bag (with a change of clothes, if needed) and a bottle, both labeled with your child’s name.

Emerge Kids:

The music is loud, the games are crazy, and there’s never a dull moment in Emerge Kids. We combine biblical principles with the all the fun you can pack into one service to create a unique experience for children. Classes are set up for K-2nd grade and 3rd-5th grade.

Emerge Pre-K:

Emerge Pre-K overflows with imagination and is designed to present the Bible to your child in a way they can understand. Designed to meet the developmental needs of kids ages 3-VPK, it’s all the energy and fun of Emerge Kids, tailored to meet your child right where they are.

Parent Resources:

Most of us share a few common parenting goals. We want our kids to be successful. We want our kids to connect to something bigger than them, most importantly their Creator. We want our kids to love and be loved. But how can we use the precious few minutes we have today to work towards these goals?

Click HERE to find a few strategic ideas.

Parent Cue is a fun, kid-focused website/app filled with "cues" to help families grow in faith and character. It offers resources to help families connect at strategic times of the day and reinforce key biblical concepts through music, videos and activities. It follows right along with our Emerge Kids Curriculum used on Sunday Mornings.