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Our Next Steps classes are designed to help you navigate towards that critical next step in your spiritual journey. This three-part class is insightful, interactive, fun, and is intended to provide every necessary resource for assisting you to become healthy and fully alive in Christ.


  • Part 1: My Church – a lunch with Pastor Wade & Cynthia where we’ll share our story and what we are all about.

  • Part 2: My Challenge – a class that covers our key beliefs and how to get connected at Emerge.

  • Part 3: My Cause – a class that shows you how to get involved in what God is doing at Emerge.

In each of these three parts, we’ll spend dedicated time on what we consider the dynamics that influence everything we do.

You will also discover how Emerge Church started and what we’re doing to make a lasting impact in Tallahassee, as well as where you can get involved!

You don’t have to sit on the sidelines cheering… Jump in and discover what it means to follow Jesus and live out God’s plans for your life.

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