Spring 2017 E-Groups

Spring 2017 E-Groups

Women’s E-Groups


You’re An Overcomer

Description: Women’s E-Group

The purpose of this E-Group is to help ladies learn how to forgive and move forward.

Time/Location: Mondays @ 6:30pm – Various Locations

Leader: Cynthia Moran

Phone: (850)591-6377

Email: Cynthia@emergechurch.com


Surrender in All Seasons

Description: Women’s E- Group

Let’s come together and learn to surrender and trust God in all of the various seasons of our lives.

Time/location: Sundays, 5:30pm – Mirror Hair Studio 2012 N. Pointe Blvd. Ste G

Leader: Leah Paske

Phone: (850)264-3063

Email: lpaske213@yahoo.com



Description: Women’s E-Group

When to say yes, when to say no…. How to set healthy boundaries which will give you the freedom to walk as the loving, giving, fulfilled individual God created you to be.

Time/location: Tuesdays 6:30pm –  starting at Beth’s house 1760 Folkstone Rd & then Holly’s house


Beth Harrison

(850) 264-0616       prissbyrd30@yahoo.com

Sherrie Gullett

(850) 570-4113      sherriegullett@gmail.com

Holly Smathers

(719) 291-0769      jhsmathers@msn.com


Wait & See

Description: Women’s E-Group

We will journey together as we work through the story of David in the Bible study, “Wait and See” by Wendy Pope. Come take time with us as we focus on having a meaningful faith and a deeper fellowship with one another, as we discuss living actively in the present while we hope for our futures.

Time: Wednesday Night 6:45-7:45pm

Location: 7821 Maclean Rd

Childcare available: 9001 Eagles Ridge Way (drop off 6:15-6:30)


Erin Smeltzer

(229)413-2616               erinsmeltzer@gmail.com

Christina May Andrews

(850)443-8601               christina.may.andrews@gmail.com



Description: Women’s E-Group

Discover your passions, dreams, and visions to become a world changer.

Time/location: Wednesday 6:30pm, Mirror Hair Studio – 2012 N. Pointe Blvd. Ste G


Sherri Atwell & Ashley Shiver




Men’s E-Groups

Fight Club – Thursday Night Fights

Description: Men’s E-Group

Men fighting for what matters most! This is an E-Group for men to build relationships that encourage, challenge, and strengthen men, their families, and the church.

Time/location: Thursday, 7pm – Centre Point Rehab office – 2255 Centerville Rd


Matt Turk

(850)509-3554                        miturk@outlook.com

Michael Croom

(850)524-6157                        josephmichaelcroom@gmail.com

Will Reeves



Description: Men’s E-Group

This is an E-Group for men to talk life, talk sports and to challenge each other to be men of God.

Time/location: Saturday 8:00am, various locations

Leader: Wade Moran

Phone: (850)591-6388

Email: wade@emergechurch.com


E-Groups for Anyone


Emerging: Are we there yet?

Description: E- Group for anyone

For anyone who is beginning their walk or renewing their faith in God. Let’s awaken our passion by developing and strengthening our faith journey. Together, we will encourage and fortify our faith by discussing sermons, scripture, and prayer over lunch.

Time/location: Mondays, Lunch (12pm) – various restaurants or at Office (1286    Timberlane Rd.)

Leader: LeaAnn Fisher

Phone: (850)212-0192

Email: leaannfisher@comcast.net


College & Young Professional’s E-Group


Alive & Free

Description: College & Young Professional’s E-Group

We are coming together to learn how to walk with Jesus daily. We will encourage, challenge, and help each other take steps in this life God has for us.

Time/location: Wednesdays, 7:00pm, TBD

Leader: Keith & Shannon Bennett

Phone: 818-744-5585

Email: shannonmlewis@gmail.com


Youth E-Groups


Surge Youth – Guys

Description: Middle School & High School Boys

An E-Group for middle school and high school boys that enjoy hanging out and growing in their walk with God.

Time/location: Sundays, 5:30pm, Emerge Church Annex – 1989 Cap. Circle NE

Leader: Josh Lejeune

Phone: (225)333-0971

Email: jplejeune@gmail.com


Surge Youth – Girls

Description: Middle School & High School Girls

An E-Group for middle school and high school girls that enjoy hanging out and growing in their walk with God.

Time/location: Sunday, 5:30pm, Emerge Church Annex – 1989 Cap. Circle NE

Leader: Michelle Janes

Phone: (225)485-1077

Email: michelletjanes@gmail.com